Benefits of getting a HD Outdoor Antenna

House with LAVA HD8000 Outdoor Antenna

You can use a simple outdoor digital high definition antennas and start receiving local over-the-air TV broadcasts that look as good or better than cable or satellite. And OTA broadcasts are FREE! They require no subscription. If you live more than a few miles of the transmitters serving your area you’ll need an outdoor antenna. Outdoor antennas are a great way to save lots of money on your monthly bills.

TV antennas may seem like relics within the last century, but a lot more viewers are using an antenna to eliminate or eliminate their once a month cable/satellite bill. TV signal transmission is “line of sight.” Getting dependable reception beyond the curvature of the earth (roughly 70 miles) is difficult. Mountains or tall buildings between the tower(s) and your home can also cause reception problems. So, the first step is to locate the towers for your local stations.

A good way to help antennas overcome measurements or height disadvantages, or elsewhere improve reception, is simply by amplifying the signal. The amplifier are usually built in, as it is in many indoor antennas, or it’s really a separate device, called an RF distribution amplifier, that installs in-line involving the antenna and TV.

An amplifier that installs upon an outdoor antenna or mast can be called a preamplifier or “preamp. ” Most experts suggest only using an amplifier if you want to. The potential drawbacks of amplifiers are that they amplify noise plus the signal, and they can be overdriven by strong data, which can make reception worse.

If you discover any neighbors that happen to be using a High definition antenna, find what type/model it’s and how well it works. You could also try contacting local tv stations using your antenna doubts. It’s definitely within their interest that will help their people improve reception.