LAVA HD2605 Specifications

Frequency(VHF) – 40-300MHz
Frequency(UHF) – 400-860MHz
Gain(VHF) – 28+/-3dB
Gain(UHF) – 32+/-3dB
Power – 3W
Max. Rotation – 360degrees
Impedance – 75ohms
Max. Output Level – 145 dBV
Working Voltage – 110V/60Hz
DC Input – 15-19V

The Lava HD2605 Outdoor HDTV Antenna comes with a built-in low-noise amplifier, allowing more channels to be received. Its dynamic amplifier gives the antenna a 150 mile receiving range, making it one of the most powerful antennas available on the market. The dual TV outputs located on the control box allow you to connect multiple TVs. With its handy remote control, you will no longer need to go out and move the antenna in a specific direction.
This is a brand new remote controlled motorized HDTV/VHF/UHF/FM high gain outdoor antenna. The antenna comes with a built-in rotor(motor), which can turn a full 360 degrees using the infrared remote control included in the package. This is the perfect solution for any rural or suburban area. Since the antenna can be aimed in any particular direction, you will be able to pick up TV signals much better

than with a regular fixed or rabbit ears antenna. This unit is easy to install. Only a small 1″ diameter mounting pole is needed.

The G3 control box is designed with new technology and adds surge protection and adjustable gain control. Provides more features for the antenna to work at different locations. Surge protection will protect your TV and Antenna from lightning and connection outages on the wire. Adjustable gain control provides you flexibility for signal strength control when your local signal is too strong.